Interview: The Radical Right, Ideology and Development

An Interview with CARR Patron, Professor Cas Mudde.

In CARR’s first podcast, Director Matthew Feldman speaks to Professor Cas Mudde, widely regarded as the world’s leading voice on the populist right right today. Professor Mudde has published widely on this subject, including co-authoring the Oxford Short History book, Populism (2017), while also releasing The Far-Right in America earlier this year. His work has been cited thousands of times by academic specialists, and is increasingly visible in public fora such as The Guardian and via his popular social media engagement (see his Twitter account @casmudde). In this 25-minute interview, he speaks to Professor Feldman about the recent trajectory of the radical right in Europe and the US, the nature of populism as a ‘thin ideology’, and offers some timely advice for journalists and academics writing on radical right politics. The podcast is a ‘must-listen’ for all wishing to learn more about the populist radical right, and particularly for those wishing to counter the ‘mainstreaming’ of this exclusionary praxis.