Day: 10 September 2018

The united German extreme right

Chemnitz shows how collaboration across three right-wing sectors is a recipe for disaster, as the extreme right understands very well. Haunting video footage of groups of German right-wing extremists chasing, harassing and attacking ethnic minorities, journalists and counter-protesters circulated widely on social media last week, along with footage of overwhelmed police. “If the mob attacks,”… Continue reading “The united German extreme right”

Topsy-Turvy: The other side of 1968 activism, 50 years on

  During the strife-ridden decade of the 1960s, the call for ‘law and order’ became a major demand of conservative journalists and politicians. In part, they were reacting to the surge in mass student-led protests against American participation in the Vietnam war. This new movement led to peace marches, anti-war rallies held throughout the country,… Continue reading “Topsy-Turvy: The other side of 1968 activism, 50 years on”