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The Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR) is the leading information aggregator and knowledge repository on the radical right, past and present. Above all, CARR intends to lead discussion on the development of radical right extremism around the world. To do this, CARR features work by experts on the radical right in Europe, the US and beyond. Fellows write blogs, add bibliographic content, contribute video blogs and podcasts; and above all, make themselves available for media commentary, stakeholder consultation and policy formulation. Throughout, CARR’s emphasis is placed upon the public dissemination of specialist insights and research on this resurgent phenomenon. In light of recent events in Europe the US and indeed globally, understanding the dynamics, influence, and threat of radical right groups and individuals has become more important than ever.

CARR is happy to work with any mainstream group engaged in the analysis or countering of radical right extremism. While we seek to build as large an interdisciplinary, practitioner and public-facing partnership as possible in addressing the radical right, CARR’s Steering Group reserves the right to select or refuse work on ethical or professional grounds. Like the work presented on our website, CARR’s Steering Group is not responsible for either the specific content or the views of individual Fellows. Rather, we seek to provide as wide a discussion forum as possible on critical issues relating to the radical right, past and present, in Europe, North America and beyond.

Steering Group

Director — Professor Matthew Feldman
Associate Director — Dr William Allchorn
Head of Research — Dr Archie Henderson
Head of Strategy and Partnerships- Professor Cynthia Miller-Idriss
Head of Events – Professor Tamir Bar-On
Head of Publishing – Dr Eviane Leidig
Head of Doctoral Fellows – Bàrbara Molas
Head of Media – Augusta Dell’Omo
Digital Content Editor – Pragya Rai

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