Dr Bharath Ganesh






Assistant Professor of Media Studies, University of Groningen.

Visiting Research Associate, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.

Specialist research areas:

Radical right digital politics in transnational perspective; social media; race and ethnicity; online hate speech and extremism; anti-Muslim hate and Islamophobia; responses to extremism and hate speech by government and private sector.

Available for consultation in the following areas:

Policy formation/reports; Third sector/charity engagement; Media interviews (including print, online, radio, and television); Data analysis; Advice to actors involved in countering extreme right-wing activity and hate speech online.


Bharath is a human geographer focusing on digital radical right cultures. He combines research techniques inspired by social network analysis, ethnography, and corpus linguistics to better understand how radical right actors are using social media and the Internet to expand their movements and assemble political communities. His current projects explore the role of anti-immigrant sentiment in the audiences of far-right politicians in Western Europe, the role of political emotion in transatlantic audiences of right-wing extremists, and the development of strategies to counter the emergence of digital hate culture.

Bharath was previously a Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute and the Computational Propaganda Project at the University of Oxford. His projects focused on social media manipulation and disinformation in North America and Western Europe, as well as studies of the digital culture of the radical right as part of the VOX-Pol network. He has commented widely on issues related to Russian involvement in the 2016 United States election, hate speech, and the radical right in the British Houses of Parliament, United Nations, national security services, and various international media outlets.

Bharath completed his PhD in Geography at University College London in 2017, focusing on the intersections of popular culture, music, and multiculturalism. During his PhD, Bharath was a researcher at Tell MAMA, leading the production of a number of reports on the dynamics of Islamophobic hate crime and discrimination. He has given evidence to Parliament on the Prevent Strategy and anti-Muslim hate crime, and has contributed expert opinions to newspapers, radio, and television on radical right extremism and anti-Muslim hate crime.


Recent articles and reports related to the radical right:

Ganesh, B. “Jihadis Go to Jail, White Supremacists Go Free”. Foreign Policy. May 2019.

Ganesh, B. “The ungovernability of digital hate culture”. Journal of International Affairs. December 2018.

“The IRA, Social Media and Political Polarization in the United States, 2012-2018”. OII Computational Propaganda Project. December 2018.

Froio, C. and Ganesh, B. (2018) “The transnationalisation of far right discourse on Twitter: Issues and actors that cross borders in Western European democracies”, European Societies. 1-27

Ganesh, B. “Finsbury Park attack shows the harm Islamophobia continues to inflict on Muslim communities”. The Conversation. 19 June 2017.

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Ganesh, B. Facebook report: Rotherham, hate, and the far-right online. Faith Matters. July 2014.