Emmi Bevensee




Doctoral student in School of Information, University of Arizona.

Open Web Fellow, Mozilla.

Consultant at Rebellious Data.

Specialist research areas:

Fascism; neo-nazi paramilitaries; red-brown crossover and fascist entryism on the left; geopolitics; open-source investigation; social media and emerging technologies (such as p2p); complexity theory; network modeling; data science; machine learning.


Emmi Bevensee is a PhD student at the iSchool in the University of Arizona currently on a leave of absence to pursue the Open Web Fellowship with Mozilla where they are focusing on analyzing and disrupting disinformation and fascist organizing through the internet. Before their PhD they received a MA in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding with an emphasis on decentralization of governance in conflict zones. Emmi is forming a social justice data-science consultancy called Rebellious Data.