Mr Ka Ming Chan





Doctoral candidate in Department of Political Science, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.

Specialist research areas:

The burgeoning phase of radical right parties; voting behavior; electoral competition in authoritarian regime; causal inference.


Chan Ka Ming is currently working on his PhD dissertation entitled “Concatenated elections in multi-level systems and the rise of German radical right”. It looks at how proximate elections and sequence of elections would change the expectation and perception of radical right party supporters, which in turn foster and deprive the electoral results of radical right parties. Meanwhile, he is engaging in a research project that concerns the pattern of split voting in 2018 Bavarian election.

He received his masters and bachelor degrees in Government and Public Administration in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After he graduated in 2014, he worked as tutor in his alma mater. In 2017, he was employed as senior research assistant by the Law Faculty at the University of Hong Kong, and this research project investigated the attitude of Hong Kong citizens towards democracy and livelihood after the Umbrella Movement.