Mr Manès Weisskircher





Researcher at MIDEM (Mercator Forum Migration and Democracy), TU Dresden.

Doctoral candidate at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute.


Manès’ research interests are comparative politics and political sociology, especially the study of social movements, political parties, and democracy. Specifically, he has written on the left, the radical right, animal rights, and the European Citizens’ Initiative. His research has been published in Government & Opposition and in the Journal of Intercultural Studies. Recently, Manès has been collaborating on a forthcoming book that tries to improve our understanding of the gains and losses of social movements. In addition, he has contributed to the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, openDemocracy, the LSE blog, the Jacobin, and, amongst others. He has been quoted in newspapers from countries such as Austria, Brazil, Spain, and Slovakia. Currently, he is teaching at TU Dresden. Previously, he taught at the University of Vienna, the University of Bonn, the University of Düsseldorf, and the University of Bucharest.

In studying the far right, Manès’ focus has been far-right social movements and the radical right in government. He has studied PEGIDA mobilization in Dresden and beyond, especially the relationship of PEGIDA and the AfD (co-authored chapter in a forthcoming edited volume) and the failed diffusion of PEGIDA (co-authored article in the Journal of Intercultural Studies). Moreover, he is currently working on a co-authored contribution on the visions of Europe of social movements, including far-right movements, for the Routledge Handbook of European Social Movements. He has also written on the FPÖ in Austrian government (in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage and the LSE Blog) and is currently working on a paper studying the FPÖ in subnational government.