Mr Matthew Sweeney




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Doctoral Candidate in School of Criminology and Justice Studies, Center for Terrorism and Security Studies at University of Massachusetts Lowell.


Matthew is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Massachusetts Lowell where he works as a Research Assistant for a Community Safety Initiative targeting gang-involved juveniles. Matthew’s primary research interests include the American Far Right, Terrorist propaganda, and law enforcement. Matthew’s doctoral research focuses on how the level of centralization of an extremist social movement organization influences the organization’s ideological cohesion, tactical choice, and mobilization/recruitment. Matthew tests this within the context of primary source material from four extremist organizations in the United States, including both decentralized and centralized organizations. Matthew has published multiple academic articles on the far-right, including one on spontaneous terrorism, politically motivated attacks without prior premeditation, in a special issue on the Far-Right in Perspectives on Terrorism.