Dr Vasiliki Tsagkroni

Email: v.tsagkroni@fsw.leidenuniv.nl


Lecturer of Comparative Politics, Institute of Political Science, Leiden University

Specialist research areas:

Radical right parties, populism, counter-narratives of radical right, extreme right movements, communication strategies of radical right, radical right ideologies.


Dr Vasiliki Tsagkroni holds a PhD in politics from Queen Mary University London (2015), and a MA from Panteion University of Athens (2008) and a BA from the same institution (2005). Before joining Leiden University, they have previously worked as a lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Bournemouth. They have also been a Research Associate at Queen Mary University London, University of Leicester and University of Keele.  Their research included best EU practices to anti-counter populism, in the context of economic austerity and dwindling opportunities for young people, a cross-European policy analysis on climate change in a party level and a cross-European comparative analysis of governments’ responsiveness to citizens’ demands and preferences between elections. Their area of research is political communication and the use of marketing and branding in politics, focusing on the interaction between communication strategies and political parties. Their main research and teaching interests include political marketing and branding, political communication and social media, populism, policy making, comparative politics, radical right politics and research methods. They have also been the Principal Investigator on a project examining the integration of migrants and refugees in Greece, aiming to propose optimal integration policies for migrants and refugees based on international experience and identify those practices that accentuate wider acceptance by migrants/refugees, shedding light on a parameter that has been overlooked. They are currently also part of the cross-European international projects of Democrisis and Disargue, both focusing on political discourse and policy making in times of crisis. Their work has been published in journals as Journal of Common Market Studies, Party Politics and British Journal of Politics and International Relations and numerous edited books and Have been the editor on a special issue on migration in the journal of Media and Communication.