Dr William Allchorn




Associate Director, CARR.

Associate Fellow, GNET

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Leeds.

Specialist research areas:

UK Radical Right, Anti-Islam Protest Movements, Cumulative Extremism, Policy Responses, Radical Right Social Movements, Islamophobia, and the Political, Social and Criminal Consequences of Radical Right Extremism.

Available for Consultancy in the following areas:

Counter-Narrative Educational Initiatives, Policy Formation / Reports; Government Consultancy; Consultancy on Regional and Local Level Responses to Radical Right Extremism.


Dr William Allchorn is a specialist on anti-Islamic protest movements and radical right social movements in the UK and Western Europe. His PhD thesis mapped political, policing and local authority responses to the English Defence League in five UK locations. William has recently finished his first academic monograph with Routledge – looking at policy responses to the EDL and Britain First over the past decade. His previous published work has looked at the dynamics of activism within anti-Islam movements and counter-extremism responses towards such groups. William has taught undergraduate courses and given lectures on the radical right in Western Europe; both at the social movement and party political level. Previous consultancy has included delivering counter narrative engagement sessions in the North East of England and putting together a ‘Countering Radical Right Narratives’ educational pack. As of April 2019, William Allchorn is the Associate Director of CARR.