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OK, Boomer: Understanding Today’s Generational Divide

Today, generations often mark difference in ethics, politics and expectations for the future. “Historical generations are not born; they are made. They are a device by which people conceptualize society and seek to transform it,” argued historian Robert Wohl in “The Generation of 1914,” his classic analysis of the young men who grew up around… Continue reading “OK, Boomer: Understanding Today’s Generational Divide”

Historismus. Part One: Historismus, Ranke and its Roots at the University of Berlin

The tradition of German historismus (often translated in English as historicism) was the leading method of historical study in Germany through the 19th and well into the 20th century. Its reputation for rigour made it attractive to historians across Europe, notably in Britain through the advocacy of Lord Acton, Regius Professor of Modern History at… Continue reading “Historismus. Part One: Historismus, Ranke and its Roots at the University of Berlin”

Framing Far Cry 5: The Gamification of White Separatist Propaganda

As contemporary society becomes immersed in visual culture, extremist imagery is becoming progressively organised around a network of symbols, rituals, and collective meanings. Therefore, it is particularly informative to examine the correlation existing between cultural aspects of extremism and criminal transgression. Traditionally, video games, especially violent ones, tend to avoid any recognisable settings or direct… Continue reading “Framing Far Cry 5: The Gamification of White Separatist Propaganda”

Radicalising the establishment from within? The CDU and the Werte Union

On Saturday, Germany’s conservative Christian Democrats face a new leadership contest at their annual conference. The growing discontent of the party base with the current leadership opens up new avenues for far-right ideology in the party not from the outside but from within. CARR Doctoral Fellow, Mr Julian Göpffarth, explores how the CDU’s new radical… Continue reading “Radicalising the establishment from within? The CDU and the Werte Union”

Right-Wing Authoritarians Are Waging A Hybrid War On Democracy

Members of the Radical Right are allying with authoritarian regimes like Russia to undermine the liberal world order as we know it. Civilizations tend to exist either in a state of war or peace. Clausewitz reminds us that war is none other than “the continuation of politics by other means”. However, war does not stay… Continue reading “Right-Wing Authoritarians Are Waging A Hybrid War On Democracy”

Eco-Nationalism: The Nature Within Our Borders

Although the transnational nature of radical-right environmentalism is often publicly overlooked, eco-nationalism seems to be resurfacing in this time of global climate change. The ongoing fires wreaking havoc in the Amazon appear as a painful reminder of the radical right’s negligence of the natural environment, given the incompetency of Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, and his… Continue reading “Eco-Nationalism: The Nature Within Our Borders”

From ‘Challengers’ to ‘Incumbents’: The Populist Radical Right in Government

Electoral Breakthroughs Following the electoral breakthrough of the populist radical right (PRR) in continental Europe in both recent national parliamentary elections covering the 2015–2018 refugee crisis period and the 2019 European Parliament elections, many of these parties are no longer on the periphery and have become influential. Furthermore, a number of mainstream parties have avowedly… Continue reading “From ‘Challengers’ to ‘Incumbents’: The Populist Radical Right in Government”

The Death of Liberalism Has Been Proclaimed Before

The current wave of populism calls to mind the mood of the early 20th century when liberal values in England saw a “strange death.” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent designation of liberal values as “obsolete” may sound familiar. This is not the first time the death of liberalism has been announced. As George Dangerfield’s classic… Continue reading “The Death of Liberalism Has Been Proclaimed Before”