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#TradWives: sexism as gateway to white supremacy

The TradWives debate is a new and effective recruiting tool for the growing intersection between toxic masculinity and white supremacy. When BBC Stories aired in January 2020 the short documentary “‘Submitting to my husband like it’s 1959’: Why I became a TradWife” reactions were passionate. On the one hand, those who focused on the home-cooked… Continue reading “#TradWives: sexism as gateway to white supremacy”

Jordan Peterson – reluctant darling of the radical right?

His thinking appeals to men who seek an encompassing, empowering theory of the world where they do not need to feel guilt and are not designated as oppressors. Jordan Peterson, Canadian psychology professor and self-proclaimed Professor against political correctness has struck a cord amongst the radical right. For his radical right audience, Peterson is not… Continue reading “Jordan Peterson – reluctant darling of the radical right?”