Professor Cas Mudde’s 2018 European Populism Tour

Below are a selection of videos from Senior Fellow, Professor Cas Mudde’s, 2018 European Populism tour. This is the third (and last) time Professor Mudde has conducted such events, which this time involved 18 lectures, 15 media interviews and 9 roundtables and workshops. The tours are linked to the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Award Professor Mudde was awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, which brought him to Germany for three summers (2016-8),  and showcased some of Professor Mudde’s recent work on the populist radical right in Europe. These videos provide an interesting insight into scholarship on the radical right as well as how democrats should respond to the rise of this phenomenon. Take a look!

ECPR Standing Group on Extremism & Democracy Summer School Keynote – ‘The Study of the European Far Right: Towards a Fourth Wave?’

Universität Heidelberg Lecture – ‘Protecting the People from the Left and Right Populists’

Institute for International and European Affairs Talk – ‘A Populist Europe’

De Balie Public Lecture – ‘Populisme 3.0’

Das Progressive Zentrum – Populism Roundtable

These videos were very kindly provided by the ECPR Standing Group on Extremism and Democracy, Universität Heidelberg, the Institute for International and European Affairs, De Balie and Das Progressive Zentrum. For the original posts, please visit their websites (hyperlinked).’

Professor Cas Mudde is a Senior Fellow at CARR, and is Stanley Wade Shelton UGAF Professor at the University in Georgia. He is a specialist in the rise of the far right and populist politics around the world. See his profile at:

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