CARR Statement Concerning Dr Eoin Lenihan

We have studiously declined comment to date, but the misleading allegations of a current working relationship with  Dr Eoin Lenihan make this correction of the record, regrettably, necessary. Dr Lenihan is not, nor has ever been, ‘currently working’ with the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR). We were in communication with Dr Lenihan in summer 2018; he presented himself as a specialist on the radical right and we discussed with him the possibility of setting up an online platform for countering radical right extremism. CARR did not enter into a contract with Dr Lenihan for this work and there was no further communication until early June 2019 when Dr Lenihan was contacted by CARR’s co-directors to revisit these potential working arrangements. At this time, CARR was unaware of Dr Lenihan’s discredited research. Now that CARR is aware, we repudiate Dr Lenihan’s behaviour in the strongest possible terms. It remains the case that Dr Lenihan has never had a formal arrangement with CARR, nor a contract or agreement of any kind. Dr Lenihan has never been a Fellow nor had any other titular role, toward which due diligence checks are carried out. Nor has his name ever appeared on the CARR website or at any of our events. We can reassure our colleagues and supporters that it never will.