Day: 18 September 2019

CARR-Hedayah Far Right De-Radicalisation Webinar Series

What is deradicalisation? And what does it look like for individuals involved in radical right movements? As part of a new EU-STRIVE funded project with Hedayah, CARR will be unpicking these questions along with practitioners, former violent extremists and academic experts in a yearlong webinar series looking at far-right de-radicalisation good practices. Taking an hour-long… Continue reading “CARR-Hedayah Far Right De-Radicalisation Webinar Series”

Manifesto memes: the radical right’s new dangerous visual rhetorics

These memes frame violent mass murder as sanctified white male dominance and a pathway for disaffected young white men to recover their “proper” masculinity. A new series of memes are being shared on social media platforms, including 4Chan and the 8Chan replacement EndChan. These memes visually connect violent Incel culture – an offshoot of Pick… Continue reading “Manifesto memes: the radical right’s new dangerous visual rhetorics”