Call for Papers: CARR’s 2nd Annual Conference May 13-15, 2020 – Studying “The Radical Right Globally”

Last year the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR) held its first annual conference from May 15-17 2019 at the Richmond Campus of the American University, London. We were treated to excellent keynotes by Professor Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Professor Cas Mudde, and Mr. Mark Potok. The conference opened with the UK’s Commission for Countering Extremism and presentations by counter-extremism government officials. It was a great opportunity for practitioners, government officials, and academics working on various forms of the radical right to network and discuss key issues.

This year’s conference shifts across the Atlantic to Mexico. As the mission of CARR is to make accessible cutting edge scholarship on contemporary and historical manifestations of the radical right around the world, this ideology and form of politics is showcased in Latin America and other regions of the world for this year’s conference theme. Accordingly, the title of our conference this year is studying “The Radical Right Globally.” This builds upon CARR’s recently published 2018 Yearbook, titled Tracking the Rise Of The Radical Right Globally (Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag, 2019).

The 2nd annual CARR conference will be held at Tec de Monterrey (Campus Querétaro) from May 13-15 2020. It will focus on global expressions of the radical right. We are particularly interested in the following types of papers and panels:

  • Scholarship on the radical right in Latin America, both historically and in the contemporary period;
  • Scholarship on the radical right in Asia, Africa, or Australia/Oceania;
  • Innvovative scholarship on the radical right from Europe and North America, which focusses upon the transnational dynamics of radical right ideas;
  • Connections between the radical right around the world – whether it is the impact of the French New Right, Steve Bannon, Aleksandr Dugin, or the Alt-Right – and various radical right movements or regimes;
  • The ways that the radical right became transnational in the inter-war years and beyond;
  • Other manifestations of radical right extremism globally, especially political violence and terrorism;
  • Hitherto unexplored regions and themes in respect of the radical right.

The site for this year’s CARR conference is Tec de Monterrey (Campus Queretaro), amongst the most prestigious universities in Latin America. The host city is Querétaro, a colonial gem consisting of about 1 million people that was founded in 1531. Querétaro was named a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1996. It is a 2.5 hour drive from Mexico City and includes an international airport. We know that Querétaro will not disappoint due to its architectural beauty, cultural and historical intrigues, gastronomy, and people. It is also one of the safest cities in Mexico. We also have a stellar lineup of keynote speakers planned.

We look forward to seeing you in Mexico! Please check the CARR website for further details soon at:

Please note that the deadline for submission of c.100 word abstracts is Friday December 20, 2019. *We accept panels as well as papers.* Please send your abstract, several keywords, and a short biography to: