Month: October 2019

How the Radical Right Co-Opted Religion

While Christianity is on the decline in Europe, the effective co-option of Christian ideas and emblems among the radical right is continuing unabated. The recent publication of the British Social Attitudes Survey offered dismal reading for the Church of England and British Christianity more broadly. As Polly Toynbee put it in The Guardian, the findings showed that Christianity in… Continue reading “How the Radical Right Co-Opted Religion”

ASEN-CARR Blogpost #1 with Craig McCann

In ASEN-CARR’s inaugural podcast, CARR Doctoral Fellow Nicholas James speaks to Policy and Practitioner Fellow Dr. Craig McCann, who is an expert on preventing violent extremism. Dr. McCann researches, lectures, and writes on far right extremism, counter terrorism, and preventing and countering violent extremism. In this 45-minute interview, he speaks to Nicholas about recent developments… Continue reading “ASEN-CARR Blogpost #1 with Craig McCann”

What is tolerance and how much of it do democracies require?

Answering some of the pressing, if not existential questions facing diverse, democratic societies require a clearer understanding of tolerance.   Tolerance is vital to the functioning of modern, liberal democracies. In societies where individual rights and freedoms are recognized and protected, some amount of tolerance of difference is required. Diversity comes in many forms: thought… Continue reading “What is tolerance and how much of it do democracies require?”

The Battle of Cable Street: ‘they shall not pass’

Anti-fascist action has been an inherent part of the British society. Macklin and Busher (2015), who looked at the interactions between far right movements and counter-movements in the period after World War II, referred, for instance, to the activities of the 43 Group in the 1940s, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in the 1970s, Anti-Fascist… Continue reading “The Battle of Cable Street: ‘they shall not pass’”

How Republicans Engineered Minority Rule

Through racial grievance politics and voter suppression tactics, the GOP has clung to power by cultivating a fearful minority of white voters. The dominance of white voters in American elections is under threat. Latinos, African-Americans, Asian-Americans and those of Native American descent now represent a growing and active part of America’s electorate. If the demographic… Continue reading “How Republicans Engineered Minority Rule”

This Is What ‘Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing’ Looks Like

White supremacists like Richard Spencer advocate for ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’ of people of color. President Trump’s policies serve that objective. In September, reports hit major news outlets that, Bee Love Slater, a transgender woman of color, was found ‘burned beyond recognition’—the eighteenth transgender woman murdered in the US this year. The veneer of tolerance, the… Continue reading “This Is What ‘Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing’ Looks Like”

Kyiv, Ukraine: a new hub for international neo-Nazi concerts

According to a report released this week by The Soufan Center, Ukraine is “emerging as a hub in the broader network of transnational white supremacy extremism.” But Ukraine, in particular the capital Kyiv, also appears to be emerging as a centre for something else: neo-Nazi concerts. Over the past year, as a journalist who focuses… Continue reading “Kyiv, Ukraine: a new hub for international neo-Nazi concerts”

The New Authoritarianism and the Glorification of Amoral Calculation

Authoritarianism, a characteristic of the far-right, has developed anew in the 21st century and has presented itself in multiple guises and in multiple loci to an extent that poses an increased threat and risk to democratic societies. For good or ill, I choose to label this phenomenon as the Alternative Right (Alt-Right), although recognizing that… Continue reading “The New Authoritarianism and the Glorification of Amoral Calculation”