Day: 21 November 2019

Sexual objectification, epistemic objectification, and the far-right

Objectification is generally perceived as a derogatory term that is both morally and socially problematic due to it reducing a human being to the status of a commodity stripped of their humanity. Entwined with the Kantian notion that treating another as an instrument is unethical, objectification has been primarily applied to the sexual realm by… Continue reading “Sexual objectification, epistemic objectification, and the far-right”

Toxic Masculinity and Lone Wolf Radicalization

Toxic masculinity and masculine insecurity are easy targets for promoters of self-radicalization, leading more young men towards violence. Of the one hundred and thirty-three incidents of far-right terror carried out by individuals in the United States since 1995, all but one were perpetrated by men (SPLC, Terror From The Right). On a global scale, when… Continue reading “Toxic Masculinity and Lone Wolf Radicalization”