CARR Guide to Online Radical-Right Symbols, Slogans and Slurs

This CARR Report details the principal symbols, slang, coded references and terminology used online by radical-right extremists today.

The first part of this survey will focus on key images, ranging from the Celtic Cross to ancient Germanic runes, with an emphasis on frequency of use and changes over time (such as the recent way in which ‘Pepe the Frog’ has operated as shorthand for various radical-right themes).

The second part turns to written codes, including numerical codes, acronyms and key phrases, and is supported by a glossary appendix. Special attention is paid to euphemisms (e.g. ‘globalists’ or ‘Zionists’ to refer to an alleged Jewish conspiracy) that are used by extremists who intend to make radical-right ideas more palatable to a wider public. Online communications have become a key arena for this ‘mainstreaming’, particularly through social media platforms such as Facebook.

The findings of this report was reported by The Independent. You can find the article here.