CARR-Open Democracy Event – US election: how can we challenge right-wing extremism?

As we look forward in anticipation/trepidation to the US Presidential and Congressional elections at the start of next month, CARR is gearing up a number of initiatives that hope to bring scholarly analysis to bare on the rise of right-wing extremism in the US during the Trump Presidency. The first of these is a webinar (hosted by one of our Media Partners, Open Democracy) this Thursday 15 October, 5pm UK time/12pm EDT with a number of CARR experts, Dr Eviane Leidig, Mark Potok, Brian Hughes, and Ashley Mattheis, to discuss this issue and key questions that have entered public discourse over the past four years, such as: “Is Donald Trump a fascist? Are the Proud Boys like the English Defence League – with guns?…how the far Right is becoming ‘mainstream’ in the US, what we can do about it – and what happens after 3 November.”

Here is a link to sign up for what’s shaping up to be a truly seminal event on challenging right-wing extremism in the US going forward.