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Dr Louie Dean Valencia-García

Email: Positions:  Assistant Professor of Digital History, Texas State University. Research Editor, EuropeNow (Council for European Studies at Columbia University). Specialist research areas: The history of Fascism, Nazism, and the Falange Española; historic and contemporary anti-fascism; radical right youth culture and universities; Europe; the Iberian Peninsula; historical monuments and memory; Internet culture and dissemination… Continue reading “Dr Louie Dean Valencia-García”

Examining ethical practicalities raised by Valencia-Garcia’s “The Ethics of Consuming Fascism”

Recently, Dr. Louie Dean Valencia-Garcia addressed the ethical challenge researchers face when purchasing extremist materials. In buying books from publishers, subscribing to podcasts, or paying for membership in web forums, researchers are indeed helping to fund these extremist projects. While that support may be small, Valencia-Garcia points out, its ethical implications must be reckoned with.… Continue reading “Examining ethical practicalities raised by Valencia-Garcia’s “The Ethics of Consuming Fascism””

OK, Boomer: Understanding Today’s Generational Divide

Today, generations often mark difference in ethics, politics and expectations for the future. “Historical generations are not born; they are made. They are a device by which people conceptualize society and seek to transform it,” argued historian Robert Wohl in “The Generation of 1914,” his classic analysis of the young men who grew up around… Continue reading “OK, Boomer: Understanding Today’s Generational Divide”

The memory of Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still alive

Those who defend statues meant to assert dominance have yet to learn the lessons of the past. In 1975, on a satirical newscast on the American television show Saturday Night Live, mock reporter Chevy Chase announced Spanish dictator Francisco Franco’s death for the better part of a year, reminding audiences that the dictator was ‘still… Continue reading “The memory of Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still alive”

This Is What ‘Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing’ Looks Like

White supremacists like Richard Spencer advocate for ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’ of people of color. President Trump’s policies serve that objective. In September, reports hit major news outlets that, Bee Love Slater, a transgender woman of color, was found ‘burned beyond recognition’—the eighteenth transgender woman murdered in the US this year. The veneer of tolerance, the… Continue reading “This Is What ‘Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing’ Looks Like”

How The El Paso Terrorist’s Manifesto Echoes Trump’s Rhetoric

The white supremacist terrorist who targeted Hispanics in El Paso, Texas parallels rhetoric from President Trump and past white supremacist manifestos. At least 22 people were killed, with dozens injured, at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday. Patrick Crusius, a suspected white nationalist terrorist, has been taken into police custody. In a world… Continue reading “How The El Paso Terrorist’s Manifesto Echoes Trump’s Rhetoric”

The ups and downs and clashes of Western civilization

Ethnocentric, sexist and racist ideologies demonstrate why it is important to de-colonise the study and teaching of European culture and history.   Recently, Javier Ortega Smith, the leader of Vox, the populist radical right party in Spain, came under scrutiny for language that Spanish Attorney General Luis Navajas called “abominable” and “repulsive” but not a… Continue reading “The ups and downs and clashes of Western civilization”

Locating the Radical Right in an Age of Radical Climate Change

The fact that we are living in an era of radical climate change, caused by humans, has been undisputed by the scientific community for years. Today, young people in both the United States and Europe are desperately trying to hit the emergency button. In Belgium, tens of thousands of students have been regularly protesting since… Continue reading “Locating the Radical Right in an Age of Radical Climate Change”