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Icons of Radical Right-Wing Populism: Pat Buchanan, the Political Horse Whisperer

Much has been written about Steve Bannon’s influence on the worldview and policies of Donald Trump.  Much less about the man who David Brooks, columnist for the New York Times, a few years ago characterized as “the most influential public intellectual in America today”. The reference is to Pat Buchanan, the perennial thorn in the… Continue reading “Icons of Radical Right-Wing Populism: Pat Buchanan, the Political Horse Whisperer”

Icons of radical right-wing populism: Maurice Barrès

In the third of CARR’s series looking at the ‘Icons of the Radical Right’, Professor Hans-Georg Betz takes a look at the life and times of French radical right novelist, journalist and politician Auguste-Maurice Barrès (19 August 1862 – 4 December 1923). It is autumn 1891. A man is found dead in a cemetery on the outskirts of… Continue reading “Icons of radical right-wing populism: Maurice Barrès”

Taboo Breakers: How The Right Is Eroding Norms Of Decency

The radical right has broken taboos in order to introduce harsh repressive norms that give them a license to pursue their regressive agenda. Taboos are complex social and cultural constructions. They involve subtle prohibitions derived from supposedly accepted common standards of behavior. They protect society from excess and bestow a sense of identity upon its… Continue reading “Taboo Breakers: How The Right Is Eroding Norms Of Decency”

Australia’s Own Brand of Radical Populism

Unlike radical right-wing populism in Western Europe, Australia’s “Hansonism” is largely a one-woman show, almost completely dependent on Pauline Hanson’s personality and appeal. She has been called a “mischievous troublemaker, an “embarrassment” to the country, and just a plain racist. The referent of these diatribes is neither France’s Marine Le Pen nor Rocío Monasterio, the… Continue reading “Australia’s Own Brand of Radical Populism”

Analyzing YouTube “Rekt” Videos as a Vector for Radicalization

As media platforms evolve and mature, they give birth to new expressive forms shaped by the exigencies of their technological and political-economic regimes. The dramatic and affective flows of American television, for example, emerged in the twentieth century to suit an advertising-based profit model, which is itself the outcome of complex regulatory and commercial origins.… Continue reading “Analyzing YouTube “Rekt” Videos as a Vector for Radicalization”

“Hipster Fascists”: The Normalization Of The Radical Right Isn’t Just Happening In America

Just as neo-Nazis in America have tried to rebrand themselves, the same is happening with the Generation Identity (GI) white supremacist movement in Britain. In a recent article in the Sunday Times, journalist Andrew Gilligan claimed the Generation Identity (GI) movement in Britain was looking to ‘rebrand’ the radical right and thereby ‘normalize’ its extremist… Continue reading ““Hipster Fascists”: The Normalization Of The Radical Right Isn’t Just Happening In America”

Have We Seen the Eternal Return of Fascism?

Unlike yesterday’s fascists, today’s radical right-wing leaders propagate neither territorial expansion nor anything close to the racial laws of the 1930s. Björn Höcke is public enemy number one in present-day Germany. At least that’s what German media suggest. Höcke is a leading exponent of the “völkisch” wing of Alternative for Germany (AfD), the country’s radical right-wing populist… Continue reading “Have We Seen the Eternal Return of Fascism?”

How Fake News Can Lead To Online Islamophobia

An analysis of YouTube comments and tweets finds that anonymity online leads to the spread of fake news, conspiracy theories, and hate. In 2019, I was asked by the Commission into Countering Extremism to provide my insights into the role of extremism online and whether conspiracy theories about Muslims were leading to hate; both online and offline.… Continue reading “How Fake News Can Lead To Online Islamophobia”

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