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Anti-fascism in the Nordic Countries: New Perspectives, Comparisons and Transnational Connections. Edited by Kasper Braskén, Nigel Copsey, and Johan A. Lundin. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, and New York: Routledge, 2019. Contents: Introduction / Kasper Braskén and Johan A. Lundin — Anti-fascism beyond the far left — 1. Anti-fascist discourses, practices and confrontations in 1930s Iceland / Ragnheiður Kristjánsdóttir and Pontus Järvstad — 2. Finnish liberals and anti-fascism, 1922-1932 / Jenni Karimäki — 3. An anti-fascist minority? Swedish-speaking Finnish responses to fascism / Matias Kaihovirta and Mats Wickström — 4. Conservative fascist sympathies and anti-fascism in 1930s Norway / Knut Dørum — Anti-fascist youth activism and militant resistance — 5. Three arrows against the swastika: militant social democracy and radical opposition to fascism in Denmark, 1932-1934 / Charlie E. Krautwald — 6. Social Democratic youth and anti-fascism in Sweden, 1929-1939 / Johan A. Lundin — 7. ‘Boycott the Nazi Flag’: the anti-fascism of the International of Seamen and Harbour Workers / Holger Weiss — Cultural fronts and anti-fascist intellectuals — 8. Anti-fascist race biology: Gunnar Dahlberg and the long farewell to the Nordic ‘master race’ / Martin Ericsson — 9. Finnish socialist intellectuals on fascism and anti-fascism in the 1930s / Tauno Saarela — 10. Intellectuals ready to fight: Scandinavian anti-fascist cultural fronts, 1935-1939 / Ole Martin Rønning — 11. Fighting for peace: the Workers’ Stage, the popular front, and aid for Spain in 1930s Finland / Mikko-Olavi Seppälä — 12. The last ‘Münzenberg empire’: the transnational networks of Die Zukunft in the Nordic countries, 1938–1940 / Bernhard H. Bayerlein — Post-war anti-fascisms — 13. Framing anti-fascism in the Cold War: the Socialist Youth International and Franco’s regime after the Second World War / Anders Dalsager — 14. Radical-right movement and countermovement in Denmark, 1985-present / Flemming Mikkelsen — 15. Challenging fascist spatial claims: the struggle over the 30 November marches in southern Sweden / Andrés Brink Pinto and Johan Pries — Afterword / Nigel Copsey.

Key Thinkers of the Radical Right: Behind the New Threat to Liberal Democracy. Edited by Mark Sedgwick. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019. Contents: Introduction by Mark Sedgwick — Section I: Classic Thinkers — Chapter 1: Oswald Spengler and the Decline of the West, by David Engels — Chapter 2: Ernst Jünger and Storms of Steel, by Elliot Y. Neaman — Chapter 3: Carl Schmitt and the Concept of the Political, by Reinhard Mehring — Chapter 4: Julius Evola and Tradition, by H. Tomas Hakl — Section II: Modern Thinkers — Chapter 5: Alain de Benoist and the New Right, by Jean-Yves Camus — Chapter 6: Guillaume Faye and Identitarianism, by Stéphane François — Chapter 7: Paul Gottfried and Paleoconservatism, by Seth Bartee — Chapter 8: Patrick J. Buchanan and the Death of the West, by Edward Ashbee — Chapter 9: Jared Taylor and White Identity, by Russell Nieli — Chapter 10: Alexander Dugin and Eurasianism, by Marlene Laruelle — Chapter 11: Bat Ye’or and Eurabia, by Sindre Bangstad — Section III: Emergent Thinkers — Chapter 12: Mencius Moldbug and Neoraction, by Joshua Tait — Chapter 13: Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents, by Graham Macklin — Chapter 14: Richard B. Spencer and the Alt Right, by Tamir Bar-On — Chapter 15: Jack Donovan and Male Tribalism, by Matthew N. Lyons — Chapter 16: Daniel Friberg and Metropolitics, by Benjamin Teitelbaum — Notes — Bibliography — Index.

Right-Wing Politics and the Rise of Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1941. Edited By Frank Bajohr and Dieter Pohl. Göttingen: Wallstein Verlag, 2019. Contents: Frank Bajohr: German Antisemitism and its Influence in Europe. The Example of Alfred Rosenberg and the Nazi Foreign Policy Office after 1933 – Dieter Pohl: Right-Wing Politics and Antisemitism in Europe 1935-1940 – Ferenc Laczó: The Radicalization of Hungarian Antisemitism until 1941: On Indigenous Roots and Transnational Embeddedness – Susanne Heim: The Year 1938 and the International Reactions to the Forced Emigration of German Jews – Grzegorz Krzywiec: The Balance of Polish Political Antisemitism: Between “National Revolution,” Economic Crisis, and the Transformation of the Polish Public Sphere in the 1930s.


Budd, Brian. “The Populist Radical Right Goes Canadian: An Analysis of Kellie Leitch’s Failed 2016-2017 Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Campaign.” Populism and World Politics: Exploring Inter- and Transnational Dimensions. Edited by Frank A. Stengel, David B. MacDonald, and Dirk Nabers. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. 137-163. Chapter abstract and references.

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