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“Anti-Semitic acts in Tampere and Turku, as Finland’s leaders mark Holocaust.”  News Now Finland, January 27, 2020.  On an anti-Semitic protest in Tampere and synagogue vandalism in Turku.  Mentions the Nordic Resistance Movement (a banned far right group) and the ‘Towards Freedom’ group (Finnish Holocaust-denying far right group; essentially a re-branded version of the Nordic Resistance Movement).  Full text.

De Simone, Daniel, Andrei Soshnikov, and Ali Winston.  “Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia.”  BBC News, 24 January 2020.  Mentions acceleration; The Base (US-based militant neo-Nazi group, founded around July 2018); National Action (outlawed British terrorist group); Rinaldo Nazzaro (alias “Norman Spear” and “Roman Wolf”) (American founder of The Base); race war; white ethno-state; and “white homeland.”  Full text.

“Italian far-right extremist sentenced to life for deadly Bologna bombing.”  The Local, 10 January 2020.  On the Armed Revolutionary Nucleus (NAR) (Italian far-right group) and Gilberto Cavallini (former member of NAR convicted for his part in the Bologna train station bombing in August 1980).  Full text.

Wilson, Jason.  “Revealed: the true identity of the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group.”  The Guardian, 23 Jan. 2020.  Mentions “accelerationist” ideology (the belief that acts of violence and terror are required in order to push liberal democracy towards collapse, preparing the way for white supremacists to seize power and institute an ethnostate); the Base (American neo-Nazi terror group); Bitchute (far-right site); Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque killer; Harold Covington (deceased white supremacist and NWF founder); El Paso, Texas, Walmart store killer; Rinaldo Nazzaro (alias “Norman Spear” and “Roman Wolf”) (founder and leader of the Base); the Northwest Front (NWF) (white supremacist separatist group); the Northwest Territorial Imperative (NTI) (white supremacist strategy for the creation of a separatist ethnostate in the Pacific north-west, promoted by Harold Covington); race war; San Diego synagogue killer; and white ethnostate.  Full text.


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Lavin, Talia.  “Donald Trump Jr., Iran, and the Right-Wing Obsession with the Crusades.”  GQ, January 9, 2020.  Mentions “Deus Vult” (“God Wills It”) (Crusader motto and white supremacist meme); Islamophobia; Jerusalem cross (symbol of the Crusades dating back to the 11th century); Rare Breed Rifles (seller of Crusader rifle paraphernalia); Spike’s Tactical (distributor of Crusader products); Templar Cross; Donald Trump; and the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.  Full text.

Lewis, Becca.  “All of YouTube, Not Just the Algorithm, is a Far-Right Propaganda Machine.”  FFWD- Medium, Jan. 8, 2020.  Mentions Tucker Carlson (Fox News host); Stefan Molyneux (white supremacist self-help guru and far-right YouTube personality); and Lauren Southern (“identitarian” and far-right YouTube personality).  Full text.

Manthe, Barbara.  “The Neo-Nazi Murder Of A German Politician Highlights Threat Of Radical Right Terrorism.”  Rantt, January 6, 2020.  Mentions the “Alternative für Deutschland” (“Alternative for Germany,” AfD) (German radical right party); Josef Bachmann (German assassin of Rudi Dutschke with connections to the radical right); Uwe Behrendt (German anti-Semitic assassin and a member of the “Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann”); Stephan Ernst (neo-Nazi suspected of Walter Lübcke’s murder); “Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” (“Free German Worker’s Party”, FAP) (German neo-fascist party); Walter Lübcke (German pro-migrant politician); the “National Socialist Underground” (NSU) (violent German racist group); the NPD (German radical right party); “Organisation Consul” (radical right terrorist group in the Weimar Republic); Paul Otte (Otte Group leader); “Otte Group” (German radical right terrorist group); and the “Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann” (German radical right group).  Full text.

Mudde, Cas.  “Far Right Politics Has Changed. So Should We!”  “Right Now!” blog, C-REX – Center for Research on Extremism, Jan. 7, 2020.  On Brexit and Trump as perfect examples of “the fourth wave” of postwar far right politics, which is characterized by the mainstreaming and normalization of far right politics to create a hybrid “nativist conservatism.”  Full text.

Mudde, Cas.  “The 2010s’ grim legacy: the decade of the far right.”  The Guardian, 6 Jan. 2020. Full text.

Thayer, Nate.  “U.S. Nazi domestic terrorist vowing a race war on the loose.”  Nate Thayer Blog, January 6, 2020.  Mentions Asgardsrei (a festival featuring several National Socialist black metal bands); Atomwaffen Division (neo-Nazi terrorist organization based in the United States); Robert Bowers (neo-Nazi terrorist and Tree of Life synagogue killer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania); Kaleb James Cole (Washington state cell leader and chief propagandist of Atomwaffen Division; a white supremacist who advocates indiscriminate church and school shootings to spark a race war); John Cameron Denton (Texas cell leader for Atomwaffen Division); Esoteric Hitlerism (a form of Satanism practiced by adherents to Hitler); James Alex Fields (white nationalist and convicted killer); Adolf Hitler; “Iron Gates” (a post-apocalyptic novel of rape, pedophilia, genocide, and other atrocities, made required reading for the Atomwaffen Division); Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber); Charles Manson (killer); Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City bomber); ‘Nythra’ aka Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh (Washington state cell member of Atomwaffen Division); Dylan Roof (white supremacist, domestic terrorist, and mass murderer); Satanic Temple of Blood (extremist group that practices human sacrifice); the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017; and Vanguard America (Nazi extremist group).  Full text.