CARR’s Organisation Research Unit

CARR’s Organisation Research Unit (ORU)

About ORU

The CARR Organisation research unit (ORU) is configured as a research seminar concentrating on three research strands: (1) party political organisation, (2) movement organisation, and (3) network organisation. Taken together, these strands circumscribe the universe of organised far-right socio-politics. Among the ten initial members of the ORU, a diversity of epistemological and methodological perspectives are represented, including quantitative, qualitative/case-based, and ethnographic methodological focuses.


ORU Head: Michael Zeller (

Dr William Allchorn


Nicolas Bichay


Michael Cole


Blyth Crawford


Andreas Dafnos


Dr Julia DeCook



Maik Fielitz



Lynda Gilby


Greta Jasser


Daniel Jones


Ofra Klein


Dr Katherine Kondor



Dr Mario Peucker


Alexander Reid Ross


Alessio Scopelliti


Dr Vasiliki Tsagkroni


Sabine Volk


Dr Alan Waring


ORU News & Activities

The ORU was established in the summer of 2020. It convenes monthly seminar meetings to provide updates about developments and opportunities in the area of far-right organisation research, and to attend presentations by members. Recently, Sabine Volk gave a presentation in August entitled “How do movements survive? Far-right PEGIDA as a protest ritual”; in September, Michael Zeller presented on “The Demobilisation of Far-right Demonstration Campaigns: Patterns and processes from Germany, England, and Austria.”

Forthcoming Presentations & Projects

In the coming months, presentations will be made about a new UK far-right protest event dataset, far-right visual cultures and use of ‘chan’ social media platforms, and de-platforming as a means of countering the far right.

At the end of the year the ORU will release a Year-in-Review report, providing an overview of recent developments among the organised far right and the study thereof.