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Professor Cas Mudde’s 2018 European Populism Tour

Below are a selection of videos from Senior Fellow, Professor Cas Mudde’s, 2018 European Populism tour. This is the third (and last) time Professor Mudde has conducted such events, which this time involved 18 lectures, 15 media interviews and 9 roundtables and workshops. The tours are linked to the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Award Professor Mudde… Continue reading “Professor Cas Mudde’s 2018 European Populism Tour”

A Decade after David Copeland: Neo-Nazi ‘broadband terrorism’ in the UK

CARR’s Director, Prof. Matthew Feldman presents: A Decade After David Copeland: Neo-Nazi ‘Broadband Terrorism’ in the UK.  This talk was presented as part of the “Neo-Nazi “Broadband Terrorism” in the UK” seminar at the University of Leicester on April 18, 2018. The threat posed by terrorism today is changing rapidly – as have methods of… Continue reading “A Decade after David Copeland: Neo-Nazi ‘broadband terrorism’ in the UK”

Silent Discussion | SHORT DOCUMENTARY

This short documentary explores the turbulent relationship between the UK’s fascist social movement, English Defence League (EDL) and the anti-fascist pressure group, Unite Against Fascism (UAF). The documentary includes an interview with Professor Matthew Feldman. – May 8, 2018. Professor Matthew Feldman is Director of CARR, specialising on fascist ideology and the far-right in Europe and the… Continue reading “Silent Discussion | SHORT DOCUMENTARY”

How to Tackle the Extreme Right

The DAAD Workshop on “How to Tackle the Extreme Right: American, British, and German Perspectives” – February 12, 2018. Speaker: Dr Craig McCann, CARR Senior Fellow and a former member of the Metropolitan Police’s anti-terrorism force, discussed counter-terrorism strategies of the British police force.

The Radical Right, Ideology and Development

An Interview with Professor Cas Mudde. In the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right’s first podcast, the research group’s director, Professor Matthew Feldman, speaks to Professor Cas Mudde, widely regarded as the world’s leading voice on the populist right right today. Professor Mudde has published widely on this subject, including co-authoring the Oxford Short… Continue reading “The Radical Right, Ideology and Development”