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The Far Right’s Transatlantic Money Train

Why are American groups funding a figure on the British radical right? Since the arrest of former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson for breaching reporting restrictions on a trial and his subsequent imprisonment on contempt of court charges, a large movement has gathered to demand his freedom. Despite Robinson’s release from jail following an appeal —… Continue reading “The Far Right’s Transatlantic Money Train”

The united German extreme right

Chemnitz shows how collaboration across three right-wing sectors is a recipe for disaster, as the extreme right understands very well. Haunting video footage of groups of German right-wing extremists chasing, harassing and attacking ethnic minorities, journalists and counter-protesters circulated widely on social media last week, along with footage of overwhelmed police. “If the mob attacks,”… Continue reading “The united German extreme right”

Topsy-Turvy: The other side of 1968 activism, 50 years on

  During the strife-ridden decade of the 1960s, the call for ‘law and order’ became a major demand of conservative journalists and politicians. In part, they were reacting to the surge in mass student-led protests against American participation in the Vietnam war. This new movement led to peace marches, anti-war rallies held throughout the country,… Continue reading “Topsy-Turvy: The other side of 1968 activism, 50 years on”

The Sweden Democrats remain deeply unpopular despite making gains

The neo-nationalist and anti-immigrant party could make gains, but may have hit an electoral ceiling. This Sunday’s national election could mark a dramatic shift in the landscape of Swedish politics. If the polls are accurate, it is unlikely that the traditional blocs on either the left or the right will win a majority. The balance… Continue reading “The Sweden Democrats remain deeply unpopular despite making gains”

The Far-Right Sweden Democrats Are Selling Dystopia To Voters…And It’s Working

Ahead of the September 9 elections, the violent imaginaries of this radical right party with white supremacist roots are taking hold. The populist radical right Sweden Democrats are heading for yet another record result in the Swedish parliamentary elections on 9 September, polling at around 20% behind the ruling Social Democrats. The party – founded in 1988 as a… Continue reading “The Far-Right Sweden Democrats Are Selling Dystopia To Voters…And It’s Working”

The Hindu Right’s War on Women

The right-wing promise to protect “Hindu traditions” offers shelter to male constituencies troubled by the apparent threat of women’s professional and sexual independence in modern India. In his savage book, Capital: The Eruption of Delhi, on the nature of India’s capital’s transformation as a global metropolis, Rana Dasgupta describes the besieged forms of Indian patriarchy in the modern city… Continue reading “The Hindu Right’s War on Women”

Bolsonaro: Radical Right-Wing Populism reaches Brazil

In October Brazilians will vote for president in particularly troubled election. It is the first ballot after Dilma Rousseff’s controversy impeachment, which put into power the unpopular interim Michel Temer. Besides, Lula, the first candidate in the polls, is in prison and was barred from running the election.  Finally, it is the first time that… Continue reading “Bolsonaro: Radical Right-Wing Populism reaches Brazil”