Dr Ico Maly




Associate professor at Tilburg University (The Netherlands)

Editor-in-chief of Diggit Magazine

Specialist research areas:

Contemporary new right activism (Identitarianism, alt-right, Groypers, …) | radical right politicians and parties | the use of digital media and digital culture | nationalism | discourse analysis and digital ethnography, (super)diversity and identity | (algorithmic) populism and activism, Politics | New Media | Democracy | Radical Enlightenment | Anti-Enlightenment | Migration | Hipsters | Micro-populations | Culture | Human Rights | Guillaume Faye | La Nouvelle Droite | Metapolitics

Available for consultation in the following areas:

Rise of the radical right, populism, identitarianism

Available for media interviews and columns


Ico Maly is associate professor at Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and  editor-in-chief of Diggit Magazine. He teaches Digital Media & Politics, Digital Ethnography, The hybrid media system and online writing and Social groups in the digital World. His recent research focuses on contemporary new right activism, new right ideology politics and digital media. He is connected to the city of Rotterdam as an expert in Far Right radicalisation.

His recent publications are:

He is a member of InCoLaS and the editorial board of Trabalhos em Linguística Aplicada.

Maly wrote several Dutch books including Nieuw Rechts (New Right, Epo, 2018), De Hedendaagse Antiverlichting (Contemporary anti-Enlightenment, Epo, 2018) and Superdiversiteit in Oostende (Kif Kif, 2014),  N-VA | Analyse van een politieke ideologie (N-VA | Analysis of a political ideology) (EPO, 2012) and De Beschavingsmachine Wij en de islam. (The Civilization Machine. We and the Islam) (EPO, 2009). Together with Jan Blommaert and Joachim Ben Yakoub he wrote Superdiversiteit en democratie (Superdiversity & Democracy) (EPO, 2014). He also edited the award winning work Cultu(u)rENpolitiek. Over media, globalisering en culturele identiteiten. (Culture and Politics. About media, globalization and cultural identities.) (Garant, 2007).

More information on his publications can be found on:

His university page: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/nl/medewerkers/i-e-l-maly

His academia page: https://tilburguniversity.academia.edu/IcoMaly

You can also follow him on Twitter (@IcoMaly)