Dr Bernhard Forchtner




Associate Professor of Media and Communication, University of Leicester.

Specialist research areas:

Environmental communication by the radical right (climate change, biodiversity, sustainable energy sources, etc.) in past and present; radical right parties and movements, their ideology and practices; radical right online / offline patterns of communication, especially in the German-speaking world.

Available for consultation in the following areas:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and workshops; policy formation / reports; third sector / charity engagement; live / pre-recorded media interviews (including print, online, radio and television); editorials


Dr Bernhard Forchtner is a specialist on (environmental) communication by the radical right in Europe with a particular focus on German speaking radical right actors. He has written widely on these subjects.

Dr Forchtner is the author and editor of books, special issues and more than 30 articles or academic book chapters. The latter include pieces on radical right parties and non-party actors on climate change across Europe as well as the social media use of German neo-Nazis. An edited volume entitled The Far Right and the Environment: Politics, Discourse and Communication will be published in 2019.