Callum Downes



Doctoral candidate in Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, University of Exeter.

Specialist research areas:

Radical-right fringe groups in Britain; the social and political marginalisation of radical right supporters; radical-right street movements; radical-right populism


Callum’s doctoral research focuses on whether and to what extent the contemporary radical right suffers from epistemic injustice. The concept of epistemic injustice combines three different spheres of philosophy, namely: epistemological, political and ethical philosophy, in order to investigate how epistemic practices may function to inflict injustices on groups bearing particular social identities. The views that these groups hold can themselves be considered unjust and have unjust implications for those that they victimise, not to mention their views have various epistemic defects along with practices of epistemic injustice. Callum aims to suggest that the radical right can be considered to suffer from epistemic injustice, a motivating factor for why individuals maintain their engagement with such groups. He intends to evaluate whether and, if so, what normative model can be implemented in order to alleviate the epistemic injustice that the radical right suffers whilst ensuring continued cohesion in society.