Dr Katherine Kondor

*Dr Kondor has recently been awarded a doctorate and is currently on the job market*






Doctoral candidate in Department of Criminology, University of Huddersfield.

Specialist research areas:

Hungarian far-right; extremism; far-right ideology; social movements; street-level nationalist organisations; hate crimes; radical right online; race theory.


Katherine specialises in nationalist social movements in Europe, especially in Hungary.

Katherine’s background is interdisciplinary, having studied and worked as a biological anthropologist. She earned her BSc in Anthropology in Canada, with MAs in Medieval Studies and Anthropology from Hungary and the United States, respectively. Katherine became interested in the study of racism and race theory while in the United Sates, after gaining a better understanding of her own family history in the Holocaust in Hungary. This interest led to an ultimate shift to the study of the radical right and nationalist social movements.

Katherine’s current research focuses on street-level nationalist social organisations in Hungary and the United Kingdom. More specifically, she is using mixed methods to analyse why people join these social organisations and why they maintain membership in these organisations.

Katherine has taught and given lectures at Universities in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. She is currently teaching exceptional Hungarian Secondary School students at the Milestone Institute in Budapest, Hungary. Katherine has presented at several international conferences, and her publications include a recent policy report on the state of the radical right in Hungary.