Mr Maik Fielitz





Doctoral Candidate in Department of Political Science, Goethe University Frankfurt.

Research Associate at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, University of Hamburg.

Specialist research areas:

Right-wing extremism in Germany and Greece; Radicalization and political violence in times of crisis; Transnationalization of radical right parties, movements and subcultures.

Available for consultation in the following areas:

Media interviews; Expertise and workshop sessions for civil society and civic education associations.


Maik is an expert on far-right activism in Europe with a special focus on Greece and Germany. He is experienced in academic teaching, civic education and trial monitoring. He works in the fields of radicalism, extremism, radicalization and critical theory at the interface of political sociology, political science and contemporary history. In 2016, he edited the volume Trouble on the Far Right that assembles analyses on strategies and practices of the far right in Europe. In a recent research project, he investigates the role of Islam in the European radical right organizations and the (discursive) interplay with Islamist groups.