Professor Samuel Salzborn



Adjunct Professor of Political Science, University Giessen.

Specialist research areas:

Political Theory of right-wing extremism and antisemitism; Ideologues of the far right (past/present); History and present of the far right in Germany including the “New Right”; Comparative Studies on right-wing extremism and antisemitism in Europe.


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Angriff der Antidemokraten. Die völkische Rebellion der Neuen Rechten, Weinheim 2017

“The Will of the People? Carl Schmitt and Jean-Jacques Rousseau on a Key Question in Democratic Theory,” in: Democratic Theory, No. 1/2017

“Renaissance of the New Right in Germany? A Discussion of New Right Elements in German Right-wing Extremism Today,” in: German Politics and Society, No. 119/ 2016

“Guardian of Democracy? Theoretical aspects of police roles and functions in democracy,” in: European Journal of Policing Studies, Heft 2/2014