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Associate Professor Chris Allen

Email: Position(s):  Associate Professor, Centre for Hate Studies, University of Leicester. Honorary Research Fellow, University of Birmingham. Alumnus, John Adams Society. Fellow, International Visiting Leadership Programme, USA. Fellow, Royal Society of Arts. Specialist research areas: Islamophobia; anti-Muslim racism; anti-Islam ideologies of the far-right; counter-jihadi groups and movements; ‘Islamification’ and the problematisation of Muslim communities;… Continue reading “Associate Professor Chris Allen”

“Driving on the Right” – The Austrian Case

  This CARR Insight blog addresses the obvious shift to the right in the Austrian party landscape, and the acceptance of formerly taboo subjects and expressions in mainstream discourse. I refer to the latter as “normalization”. Such normalization goes hand in hand with a certain “shamelessness”: the limits of the sayable are shifting regarding both… Continue reading ““Driving on the Right” – The Austrian Case”

The trial against the far right terror group “National Socialist Underground”

It is an outstanding lawsuit in all respects: five presumed members and supporters of the neo-Nazi terrorist group “National Socialist Underground” (NSU) are standing trial at the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) in Munich. This high-profile case is considered to be one of the largest and most important criminal trials in Germany since the country’s reunification.… Continue reading “The trial against the far right terror group “National Socialist Underground””

Interview: How to Tackle the Extreme Right

The DAAD Workshop on “How to Tackle the Extreme Right: American, British, and German Perspectives” – February 12, 2018. Speaker: Dr Craig McCann, CARR Policy and Practitioner Fellow and a former member of the Metropolitan Police’s anti-terrorism force, discussed counter-terrorism strategies of the British police force.

Bibliography: 2018

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Mr William Baldet

Email: Position(s): Countering Violent Extremism practitioner. Consultant for the Office for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Member of the EU-funded Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) Europe. Specialist areas: Radicalisation and polarisation in communities, ideological narratives of extreme Islamists and the radical right, civil society engagement and initiatives to tackle radicalisation, Government policy (central and local)… Continue reading “Mr William Baldet”

Professor Matthew Feldman

Email: Position(s):  Director, CARR. Visiting Professor, Richmond, the American University in London. Professorial Fellow, University of York. Member, Expert Witness Institute. Specialist research areas: Fascist ideology and practice since 1918; the Holocaust and Holocaust denial; neo-Nazi and ‘lone wolf’ terrorism; radical right movements and ideologues; radical right online patterns of communication; cumulative extremism; hate… Continue reading “Professor Matthew Feldman”

Dr Barbara Manthe

Email address: Position(s): Researcher, Faculty of Social Science and Cultural Studies, University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany. Principal Investigator, Current project: “Right-wing Terrorism in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1970-1990” (DFG Research Grant). Research Unit on Right-Wing Extremism (FORENA), University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany. Specialist research areas: Right-wing terrorism in Germany since 1945; right-wing violence… Continue reading “Dr Barbara Manthe”

Dr Craig McCann

Email: Position: Director, S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. Universal Ltd. Profile: Dr Craig McCann is a specialist in the UK Prevent Strategy, the UK Channel programme, state responses to right wing extremism, counter extremism, and international CVE/PVE programming from an operational and strategic perspective. He researches, writes and lectures on state responses to right wing extremism. As the Director… Continue reading “Dr Craig McCann”