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Dr Paul Jackson

Email: Position: Senior Lecturer in History, University of Northampton. Specialist research areas: Dr Jackson is a research specialist in the cultural dynamics of contemporary British, American and European extreme right groups; the history of the British fascism and the extreme right; the history of American neo-Nazi and white supremacist organisations; transnational forms of fascist… Continue reading “Dr Paul Jackson”

Dr Andreas Önnerfors

Email: Position: Associate Professor of History of Ideas, University of Gothenburg. Specialist research areas: Rhetoric in the European/German New Right (PEGIDA etc); Counter-Jihadism (Breivik); Radicalization Theory; Conspiracy Theories (and beliefs); Secret Societies (discourse about, factual history of); Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights Available for consultation in the following areas: Rhetorical and ideological analysis of radical… Continue reading “Dr Andreas Önnerfors”

Professor Tamir Bar-On

Email: Positions: Head of Events, CARR. Professor-Researcher, School of Social Sciences and Government, Tecnológico de Monterrey. Specialist research areas: French and European New Right, fascism, the Right in various countries, the history of political ideologies, the Alt Right, Islamism, terrorism, and football (soccer) and the Right. Available for consultation in the following areas: Media… Continue reading “Professor Tamir Bar-On”

News and Updates

Senior Fellow – Dr Craig McCann talks about how to tackle the extreme right in Britain at DAAD, University of Cambridge [Video].   Senior Fellow – Professor Ruth Wodak explains the rise and rise of populism in Europe at Euronews[Video].   CARR Director – Prof. Matthew Feldman presents: A decade after David Copeland: Neo-Nazi ‘broadband terrorism’ in the… Continue reading “News and Updates”