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Interview: The Radical Right, Ideology and Development

An Interview with CARR Senior Fellow, Professor Cas Mudde. In CARR’s first podcast, Director Matthew Feldman speaks to Professor Cas Mudde, widely regarded as the world’s leading voice on the populist right right today. Professor Mudde has published widely on this subject, including co-authoring the Oxford Short History book, Populism (2017), while also releasing The Far-Right in America earlier… Continue reading “Interview: The Radical Right, Ideology and Development”

Mr Daniel Jones

Email: Twitter: @Narson Positions:  Collections Officer, Searchlight Archive, University of Northampton. Doctoral candidate at Department of History, University of Northampton. Specialist research areas: Fascist ideology and methods with particular focus on the post-war period 1945 to the present; anti-Fascist movements with particular focus on the post-war period 1945 to the present; extremist publications; Holocaust… Continue reading “Mr Daniel Jones”

Professor Matthew Feldman

Email: Position(s):  Director, CARR. Visiting Professor, Richmond, the American University in London. Professorial Fellow, University of York. Member, Expert Witness Institute. Specialist research areas: Fascist ideology and practice since 1918; the Holocaust and Holocaust denial; neo-Nazi and ‘lone wolf’ terrorism; radical right movements and ideologues; radical right online patterns of communication; cumulative extremism; hate… Continue reading “Professor Matthew Feldman”

Dr Barbara Manthe

Email address: Position(s): Researcher, Faculty of Social Science and Cultural Studies, University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany. Principal Investigator, Current project: “Right-wing Terrorism in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1970-1990” (DFG Research Grant). Research Unit on Right-Wing Extremism (FORENA), University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany. Specialist research areas: Right-wing terrorism in Germany since 1945; right-wing violence… Continue reading “Dr Barbara Manthe”

Emeritus Professor Ruth Wodak

Email: Positions: Emeritus Professor, Lancaster University & University Vienna. 2017, Willi Brandt Visiting Professor, Malmö University. 2018/19 Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna (September-January). Specialist research areas: Antisemitism, racism and xenophobia; the Holocaust and Holocaust denial; radical right ideologies and rhetoric; counter-extremism and policy implications Available for consultation in the… Continue reading “Emeritus Professor Ruth Wodak”

Professor Dan Stone

Email: Positions: Professor of Modern History, Royal Holloway, University of London. Director of the Holocaust Research Institute. Specialist research areas: History and historiography of the Holocaust; genocide studies; concentration camps; displaced persons; history of the idea of “race”; history of anthropology; eugenics; fascist ideology; theory of history ; the past in contemporary culture. Available… Continue reading “Professor Dan Stone”

Professor Samuel Salzborn

Email: Positions: Visiting Professor for Research on Antisemitism at the Center for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA) at the Technical University Berlin, Germany. Adjunct Professor for Political Science at the Institute for Political Science at the University Giessen, Germany. Specialist research areas: Political Theory of right-wing extremism and antisemitism, Ideologues of the far right (past/present),… Continue reading “Professor Samuel Salzborn”

Mr Rob May

Email: Twitter: @robmay111 Position(s): Doctoral candidate at the Department of History, Sheffield Hallam University. Specialist Research Areas: The British radical right from a transnational perspective – both past and present. Profile: Rob studies the British radical right and their links and influences with their overseas counterparts. He has written for academic journals, newsletters and… Continue reading “Mr Rob May”

Dr Paul Jackson

Email: Position(s): Senior Lecturer in History, University of Northampton. Specialist research areas: Dr Jackson is a research specialist in the cultural dynamics of contemporary British, American and European extreme right groups; the history of the British fascism and the extreme right; the history of American neo-Nazi and white supremacist organisations; transnational forms of fascist… Continue reading “Dr Paul Jackson”

Dr Valery Engel

Email: Position(s): Head of the Center for Monitoring and Comparative Analysis of Intercultural Communications of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis. Chairman of the Expert Board of the European International Tolerance Centre in Riga. President of the European Centre for Democracy Development in Latvia. Director of the Institute of the Ethnic Policy & Inter-Ethnic Studies… Continue reading “Dr Valery Engel”