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Back to the Future? Comparing Radical Right Referendum Results, 1975 and 2016

It is hard to deny Brexit’s important place within recent radical right discourse and activity. Recently, Paul Stocker’s excellent book English Uprising has captured this part of that debate. The radical right had a significant impact in dictating the tone and trajectory of the Leave campaign, especially away from the official Vote Leave platform. Equally,… Continue reading “Back to the Future? Comparing Radical Right Referendum Results, 1975 and 2016”

3 years on: What the trial against Golden Dawn tells us about Greek society

©Michalis Karagiannis/Reuters On 20th April 2015, a trial began against the neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn – one of the largest and most controversial trials in post-dictatorial Greece. A total of 69 Golden Dawn members are accused of leading and participating in a criminal organization and are at the same time charged for several different legal… Continue reading “3 years on: What the trial against Golden Dawn tells us about Greek society”

Professor Aristotle Kallis

Email:  Position:  Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, Keele University. Specialist research areas: Fascist ideology and practice since 1918; the Holocaust; Islamophobia and anti-Semitism; radical right movements and ideologues; mass violence and genocide; prejudice; social exclusion; radicalisation; mainstream-extremism nexus. Available for consultation in the following areas: Policy formation / reports; government consultancy; third sector… Continue reading “Professor Aristotle Kallis”

Professor Cynthia Miller-Idriss

Email: Website: Positions: Head of Outreach, CARR. Professor of Education and Sociology, American University. Specialist research areas: Cultural dimensions of radical and extreme right youth subcultures (especially in Germany and U.S.), with a particular focus on how clothing, symbols, style and aesthetic representation act as a gateway into extremist scenes and subcultures; youth… Continue reading “Professor Cynthia Miller-Idriss”

Dr Chris Allen

Email: Positions:  Associate Professor, Centre for Hate Studies, University of Leicester. Honorary Research Fellow, University of Birmingham. Alumnus, John Adams Society. Fellow, International Visiting Leadership Programme, USA. Fellow, Royal Society of Arts. Specialist research areas: Islamophobia; anti-Muslim racism; anti-Islam ideologies of the far-right; counter-jihadi groups and movements; ‘Islamification’ and the problematisation of Muslim communities;… Continue reading “Dr Chris Allen”

Oswald Mosley: From Radical Right to Fascist Ideologue

Sir Oswald Mosley’s adoption of fascism was greatly inspired by his ‘Italian adventure’ of 1932. In the early months of that year, Mosley travelled to Italy and was captivated by what he experienced there: purportedly successful reclamation schemes, which employed hundreds of thousands of men; and meetings with prominent Fascist officials, including Mussolini, who Mosley… Continue reading “Oswald Mosley: From Radical Right to Fascist Ideologue”

Mr Daniel Jones

Email: Twitter: @Narson Positions:  Collections Officer, Searchlight Archive, University of Northampton. Doctoral candidate in Department of History, University of Northampton. Specialist research areas: Fascist ideology and methods with particular focus on the post-war period 1945 to the present; anti-Fascist movements with particular focus on the post-war period 1945 to the present; extremist publications; Holocaust… Continue reading “Mr Daniel Jones”

Dr Barbara Manthe

Email address: Positions: Researcher, Faculty of Social Science and Cultural Studies, University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf. Principal Investigator, Current project: “Right-wing Terrorism in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1970-1990” (DFG Research Grant). Research Unit on Right-Wing Extremism (FORENA), University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf. Specialist research areas: Right-wing terrorism in Germany since 1945; right-wing violence… Continue reading “Dr Barbara Manthe”

Professor Ruth Wodak

Email: Positions: Emeritus Professor, Lancaster University and University Vienna. 2017, Willi Brandt Visiting Professor, Malmö University. 2018/19 Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna (September-January). Specialist research areas: Antisemitism, racism and xenophobia; the Holocaust and Holocaust denial; radical right ideologies and rhetoric; counter-extremism and policy implications Available for consultation in the… Continue reading “Professor Ruth Wodak”

Professor Dan Stone

Email: Positions: Professor of Modern History, Royal Holloway, University of London. Director of the Holocaust Research Institute. Specialist research areas: History and historiography of the Holocaust; genocide studies; concentration camps; displaced persons; history of the idea of “race”; history of anthropology; eugenics; fascist ideology; theory of history; the past in contemporary culture. Available for… Continue reading “Professor Dan Stone”