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Radical-Right Radicalization, From the Domestic to the Global

Radical-right radicalization appears to be focused on global and increasingly existential scenarios rather than on domestic or national issues. Radical-right radicalization has quickly moved from being a fringe domestic phenomenon to a mainstream global movement. The radical right, albeit always internationally connected and aligned across individual states, has over the last decade moved to increasingly… Continue reading “Radical-Right Radicalization, From the Domestic to the Global”

Alt-Tech & the Radical Right, Part 2: Inside the Radical Right’s Video Addiction

The world is watching over a billion hours of video content per day on YouTube, and easy-to-use recording and streaming tools can turn anyone with a smartphone into a broadcaster. Social media platforms are rewarding this new crop of “content creators” with the ability to become a household name and earn money from their videos.… Continue reading “Alt-Tech & the Radical Right, Part 2: Inside the Radical Right’s Video Addiction”

Eco-Nationalism: The Nature Within Our Borders

Although the transnational nature of radical-right environmentalism is often publicly overlooked, eco-nationalism seems to be resurfacing in this time of global climate change. The ongoing fires wreaking havoc in the Amazon appear as a painful reminder of the radical right’s negligence of the natural environment, given the incompetency of Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, and his… Continue reading “Eco-Nationalism: The Nature Within Our Borders”

The great replacement theory: a historical perspective

Demographic conspiracies should not be seen as fringe enterprises restricted to gullible extremists – they have an increasingly mainstream appeal. Enoch Powell’s 1968 ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech has infamously seared itself into the British public’s mind for its apocalyptic hyperbole and guttural prejudice but less so for its conspiratorial nature. Powell warned of the demographic… Continue reading “The great replacement theory: a historical perspective”

How Crime Helps Finance Radical-Right Terrorism

Armed robberies were often the first crimes nascent right-wing extremist organizations carried out after deciding to take the terrorist “option.” Little research has been done on the financing of radical-right terrorist groups, especially when it comes to Germany. However, the finding within terrorism research that “money is the lifeblood of any organization, including the ones… Continue reading “How Crime Helps Finance Radical-Right Terrorism”

CARR-Hedayah Far Right De-Radicalisation Webinar Series

What is deradicalisation? And what does it look like for individuals involved in radical right movements? As part of a new EU-STRIVE funded project with Hedayah, CARR will be unpicking these questions along with practitioners, former violent extremists and academic experts in a yearlong webinar series looking at far-right de-radicalisation good practices. Taking an hour-long… Continue reading “CARR-Hedayah Far Right De-Radicalisation Webinar Series”

Manifesto memes: the radical right’s new dangerous visual rhetorics

These memes frame violent mass murder as sanctified white male dominance and a pathway for disaffected young white men to recover their “proper” masculinity. A new series of memes are being shared on social media platforms, including 4Chan and the 8Chan replacement EndChan. These memes visually connect violent Incel culture – an offshoot of Pick… Continue reading “Manifesto memes: the radical right’s new dangerous visual rhetorics”

War against the core values: Rise of the radical right in a context of hybrid war

Civilisations tend to exist either in a state of war or peace. Clausewitz reminds us that war is none other than “the continuation of politics by other means”. However, war does not stay the same; it changes, evolves, and grows depending on the context and time period it’s situated in. One person to examine the… Continue reading “War against the core values: Rise of the radical right in a context of hybrid war”

The Radical Right Seeks To Recruit Among Anti-Corporate Activists

Right-wing white nationalists are co-opting the language used by left-wing anti-corporate activists in order to expand their racist movement. ‘Corporate America doesn’t need to be destroyed, but just shown that they are on the wrong side of history. That if they don’t bend, they will break.’ These are the alleged words of the shooter in… Continue reading “The Radical Right Seeks To Recruit Among Anti-Corporate Activists”