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Dr Mette Wiggen

Email: Position: Lecturer in Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds. Specialist research areas: Increase in inequality and support to the radical right in Scandinavia. She looks at Islamophobia and welfare chauvinism and how the mainstream left as well as the right have co-opted a radical right, and increasingly racist, language and strategies in… Continue reading “Dr Mette Wiggen”

Dr Paul Jackson

Email: Position: Senior Lecturer in History, University of Northampton. Specialist research areas: Dr Jackson is a research specialist in the cultural dynamics of contemporary British, American and European extreme right groups; the history of the British fascism and the extreme right; the history of American neo-Nazi and white supremacist organisations; transnational forms of fascist… Continue reading “Dr Paul Jackson”

Dr Bernhard Forchtner

Email:     Position: Associate Professor of Media and Communication, University of Leicester. Specialist research areas: Environmental communication by the radical right (climate change, biodiversity, sustainable energy sources, etc.) in past and present; radical right parties and movements, their ideology and practices; radical right online / offline patterns of communication, especially in the German-speaking world.… Continue reading “Dr Bernhard Forchtner”

News and Updates

Senior Fellow – Dr Craig McCann talks about how to tackle the extreme right in Britain at DAAD, University of Cambridge [Video].   Senior Fellow – Professor Ruth Wodak explains the rise and rise of populism in Europe at Euronews[Video].   CARR Director – Prof. Matthew Feldman presents: A decade after David Copeland: Neo-Nazi ‘broadband terrorism’ in the… Continue reading “News and Updates”