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The Cultural Marxism Conspiracy Thrives in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

The cultural Marxism conspiracy is fundamentally anti-egalitarian because it portrays any form of social progress or economic equality as evil and poisonous. “Cultural Marxism” is a right-wing conspiracy theory that accuses the Frankfurt School — comprised of thinkers like Theodor Adorno, Erich Fromm and Herbert Marcuse — of emigrating to the United States of America in… Continue reading “The Cultural Marxism Conspiracy Thrives in Bolsonaro’s Brazil”

“Right” roads to “pluralism”

Cultural integration, pluralism, and multiculturalism (sometimes termed “mosaics” or “melting pots”) have been largely studied as processes of democratization, one whereby ethnic confrontation is reduced through tolerance and cooperation. The assumption that such socio-political transitions are steps towards a broader sense of equality has made it difficult to understand the emergence of radical right extremism… Continue reading ““Right” roads to “pluralism””

Right-Wing Authoritarians Are Waging A Hybrid War On Democracy

Members of the Radical Right are allying with authoritarian regimes like Russia to undermine the liberal world order as we know it. Civilizations tend to exist either in a state of war or peace. Clausewitz reminds us that war is none other than “the continuation of politics by other means”. However, war does not stay… Continue reading “Right-Wing Authoritarians Are Waging A Hybrid War On Democracy”

Italian Populists Use Social Welfare to Ignite a “War Between the Poor”

Matteo Salvini’s League party takes advantage of the frustration felt by Italians living in poverty to fuel xenophobia and hatred toward immigrants. Since Matteo Salvini took over the leadership of the Northern League party (rebranded as the League before last year’s elections) in late 2013, the focus of his harsh political campaigns shifted from southern… Continue reading “Italian Populists Use Social Welfare to Ignite a “War Between the Poor””

Far-Right Terrorism Is Now Britain’s Fastest Growing Problem

Since 2017, one-third of terror plots with an aim to kill were linked to far-right ideologies. In September, the highest-ranking counterterrorism officer in Britain, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, declared the far-right to be the fastest growing terrorist threat to Britain. According to the Met, in the last year, a quarter of all terrorism… Continue reading “Far-Right Terrorism Is Now Britain’s Fastest Growing Problem”

75th commemoration of the Sonderkommando Revolt at Auschwitz–Birkenau

During the Second World War, the Sonderkommando [Special Working Group] was forced by Auschwitz-Birkenau’s SS commandantur to carry out the ghastly work at the gas chambers. This included leading the victims to their deaths, often unsuspectingly, and afterwards burning the bodies of those gassed on pyres, at the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. A crematoria was established… Continue reading “75th commemoration of the Sonderkommando Revolt at Auschwitz–Birkenau”

How the Radical Right Co-Opted Religion

While Christianity is on the decline in Europe, the effective co-option of Christian ideas and emblems among the radical right is continuing unabated. The recent publication of the British Social Attitudes Survey offered dismal reading for the Church of England and British Christianity more broadly. As Polly Toynbee put it in The Guardian, the findings showed that Christianity in… Continue reading “How the Radical Right Co-Opted Religion”

ASEN-CARR Blogpost #1 with Craig McCann

In ASEN-CARR’s inaugural podcast, CARR Doctoral Fellow Nicholas James speaks to Senior Fellow Dr. Craig McCann, who is an expert on preventing violent extremism. Dr. McCann researches, lectures, and writes on far right extremism, counter terrorism, and preventing and countering violent extremism. In this 45-minute interview, he speaks to Nicholas about recent developments in preventing… Continue reading “ASEN-CARR Blogpost #1 with Craig McCann”