CARR Research Insight Series

2019/2020 CARR Research Insight Series

Here are a set of 2019/2020 peer-reviewed long-form research papers conducted by CARR Fellows providing a deeper look at the radical right:

Potok, M. (2020). “Two Americas: The Radical Right, Then and Now”.

CARR Research Insight 2020.1. London, UK: Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right.

About the CARR Research Insight Series

The CARR Research Insight series features the latest research from CARR Fellows. The series publishes open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed manuscripts to present their research to a wide audience. CARR Research Insights provide a venue for practitioners and researchers — ranging from those in early career stages to senior researchers — to share knowledge with a network of practitioners, policy makers, and scholars. We encourage readers of CARR Research Insights to comment and provide feedback using the contact details below.

Series Editors: Hans-Georg Betz (University of Zurich) & Bharath Ganesh (University of Groningen)
Advisory Board: Maureen Eger, Aristotle Kallis, Megan Squire, and Ruth Wodak

Twitter: @C4ARR