CARR Research Insight Series

CARR Research Insight Series

Here are a set of 2020 peer-reviewed long-form research papers providing a deeper look at the radical right:


Ross, A. R. and Bevensee, E. (2020). “Confronting the Rise of Eco-Fascism Means Grappling with Complex Systems”.

CARR Research Insight 2020.3. London, UK: Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. 




Betz, H. (2020). “The Emotional Underpinnings of Radical Right Populist Mobilization: Explaining the Protracted Success of Radical Right-Wing Parties”. 

CARR Research Insight 2020.2. London, UK: Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. 




Potok, M. (2020). “Two Americas: The Radical Right, Then and Now”.

CARR Research Insight 2020.1. London, UK: Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right.


About the CARR Research Insight Series

The CARR Research Insight series features the latest research on the radical right from CARR Fellows and guest contributors. The aim is to provide scholars with a venue to present their work at an early stage, with the goal of such research to be published in an academic journal. The series publishes open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed manuscripts to present their research to a wide audience. CARR Research Insights provide a venue for practitioners and researchers — ranging from those in early career stages to senior researchers — to share knowledge with a network of practitioners, policy makers, and scholars. We encourage readers of CARR Research Insights to comment and provide feedback using the contact details below.

Series Editors: Hans-Georg Betz & Bharath Ganesh
Advisory Board: Maureen Eger, Aristotle Kallis, Megan Squire, and Ruth Wodak

Managing Editor: Eviane Leidig

Submissions should not be more than 8000 words (excluding bibliography). Please use hyperlinks for webpages, and Author-Date in text citations (e.g. Betz, 1994, 55). Submissions should be sent as a word document to Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.


Twitter: @C4ARR