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Bethan Johnson

Email: Position: Doctoral candidate in Department of History, University of Cambridge. Specialist research areas: violent nationalism; ethnic nationalism; separatism. Profile: Bethan’s doctoral research studies a wave of militant, separatist ethno-nationalist groups that threatened violence and were violent in Spain, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Canada between 1965 and 1975. The work explores the… Continue reading “Bethan Johnson”

Why They Thrive: Risk, Uncertainty and Radical Right Propaganda

Over the last twenty-years, we have seen how damaging extreme rhetoric can be – from the rise of so called Islamist terrorist groups to the successful recruitment of individuals into these groups from across Western countries. When governmental leaders are seen to make decisions that are perceived as misjudged, or to not take charge of… Continue reading “Why They Thrive: Risk, Uncertainty and Radical Right Propaganda”

The Radical Right’s Cult of the Body

Radical right movements are typically defined by—and understood through—their ideological platforms and rhetoric. Sometimes overlooked, aesthetics are surprisingly central to modern radical right movements, whose leaders often extol the virtues of physical fitness and a polished public image. Radical right parties don’t merely envision a set of political positions and policies, in other words—but also… Continue reading “The Radical Right’s Cult of the Body”

Welfare chauvinism and the ‘hostile environment’ for immigration

Nativism is the norm in much of Europe, where dual welfarism and welfare chauvinism is policy. Nativist rhetoric and ideology has trickled down from radical right politicians to the mainstream and has become the new normal. The days are gone when the welfare state was supported as a safety net for those who needed it… Continue reading “Welfare chauvinism and the ‘hostile environment’ for immigration”

Debating the Intellectual Leader of the French New Right

I am the author of two books about the French nouvelle droite (ND): Where Have All the Fascists Gone? and Rethinking the French New Right: Alternatives to Modernity. In 2014, I published a piece entitled, “The French New Right Neither Right, Nor Left?” in the Journal for the Study of Radicalism. Surprisingly, the French ND leader, Alain de Benoist, responded… Continue reading “Debating the Intellectual Leader of the French New Right”

Back to the Future? Comparing Radical Right Referendum Results, 1975 and 2016

It is hard to deny Brexit’s important place within recent radical right discourse and activity. Recently, Paul Stocker’s excellent book English Uprising has captured this part of that debate. The radical right had a significant impact in dictating the tone and trajectory of the Leave campaign, especially away from the official Vote Leave platform. Equally,… Continue reading “Back to the Future? Comparing Radical Right Referendum Results, 1975 and 2016”

Banking on the “Deplorables”: Nativism and the Radical Right

©AP PHOTO/LYNNE SLADKY They arrived by the thousands in the mid-1750s, immigrants from Württemberg, the Palatinate, and Switzerland. Often, they were so poor that they had been obliged to sell their children. Wretchedly sick and destitute, they flooded into the city of Philadelphia in search of a new home. The local Anglo-Protestant establishment was anything… Continue reading “Banking on the “Deplorables”: Nativism and the Radical Right”