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Radical-Right Voters and Democratic Support

Do radical-right voters knowingly share the anti-democratic views of the parties they support? Introduction The rise of radical-right parties is considered by many to be one of the largest modern threats to liberal democracy. There is a strong pattern of populist and radical leaders eroding constraints on the executive, diminishing press freedom, and harming the… Continue reading “Radical-Right Voters and Democratic Support”

The Anti-Democratic Faces of Modernism – Part One

As Ronald Bush has pointed out, accounts of the ‘ideological alignment between the oppositional practices of imagism, “anti-democratic” forms of “individualism,” and anarchism’, may ‘[miss] a beat… by not considering the similarly “anti-democratic” features of John Stuart Mill’s antecedent liberalism.’[1] Treatments of modernist ideology may indeed underplay this inheritance, not only from Mill’s On Liberty… Continue reading “The Anti-Democratic Faces of Modernism – Part One”