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Remembering Auschwitz 75 through Sonderkommando Photography

Remembering the past is always complex. Remembering inevitably means we recall only selected sections of the past, and so in making any such selection we forget as much as we remember. This imperfect process of remembering is still far better than failing to remember, and the memory of the Holocaust is simply too important not… Continue reading “Remembering Auschwitz 75 through Sonderkommando Photography”

“Auschwitz Concentration Camp: History, Biographies, Remembrance”

Last month my latest book was published by ibidem-verlag which covered the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, its history, biographies and remembrance. Having written and had published three books on the Aktion Reinhardt Camps, Belzec,Sobibor and Treblinka, this was a new path for me. Those three camps are not as well-known as Auschwitz. There are many books on Auschwitz,… Continue reading ““Auschwitz Concentration Camp: History, Biographies, Remembrance””