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On lone wolf terrorism: past, present, and future

While the bodies of victims from the Christchurch shooting last Friday were still warm, including those of 3 and 4-year-old children, social media platforms were busily taking down livestreamed footage from the alleged killer. Due to morbid curiosity and maddening algorithms that saw the terrorist propaganda ‘trending’, Facebook alone removed the video 1.5 million times in 24 hours.… Continue reading “On lone wolf terrorism: past, present, and future”

Neo-Nazi “Broadband terrorism” in the UK

CARR Director – Prof. Matthew Feldman presents: A decade after David Copeland: Neo-Nazi ‘broadband terrorism’ in the UK. April 18, 2018 • University of Leicester, UK The threat posed by terrorism today is changing rapidly – as have methods of study of this phenomenon, including analysis of radicalisation and the ‘terrorist cycle’. This presentation takes… Continue reading “Neo-Nazi “Broadband terrorism” in the UK”