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Jekyll-and-Hyde: What Creates a Far-Right Supporter? Part 2.

Part 1 of this blog summarised current psychological theories relevant to understanding far-right personalities and behaviour. The following sections summarise the data on three non-violent far-right supporters, and analyse to what extent these theories are born out[1]. Case 1: Male aged 76, UKIP and Britain First Supporter The author has known this individual (Subject 1)… Continue reading “Jekyll-and-Hyde: What Creates a Far-Right Supporter? Part 2.”

How the Radical Right Co-Opted Religion

While Christianity is on the decline in Europe, the effective co-option of Christian ideas and emblems among the radical right is continuing unabated. The recent publication of the British Social Attitudes Survey offered dismal reading for the Church of England and British Christianity more broadly. As Polly Toynbee put it in The Guardian, the findings showed that Christianity in… Continue reading “How the Radical Right Co-Opted Religion”