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Russia Needs a New National Idea

After the collapse of the USSR, Russia, abandoning socialism as a path of development, also abandoned communist ideas, but didn’t replace them with new ideology. With the coming to power of President Vladimir Putin, right-wing organizations in Russia gradually lost their influence. This happened mainly because of the suppression of pro-fascist organizations by force and due… Continue reading “Russia Needs a New National Idea”

Conference Report: Inaugural Conference on Right-Wing Studies

On 25th – 27th April 2019, the inaugural conference of the Center for Right-Wing Studies took place at the University of California, Berkeley. This was a refreshing exchange between early career researchers and more established scholars that provided some international perspectives on right-wing movements: from conservatism to fascism, from the past to current developments. Around… Continue reading “Conference Report: Inaugural Conference on Right-Wing Studies”

Topsy-Turvy: The other side of 1968 activism, 50 years on

  During the strife-ridden decade of the 1960s, the call for ‘law and order’ became a major demand of conservative journalists and politicians. In part, they were reacting to the surge in mass student-led protests against American participation in the Vietnam war. This new movement led to peace marches, anti-war rallies held throughout the country,… Continue reading “Topsy-Turvy: The other side of 1968 activism, 50 years on”