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Modern racism

Why a compromise in international politics no longer plays on the side of democracy. And it is democracy that is at stake. Modern racism does not operate with the concepts of ‘race’, but with the concepts of ‘incompatibility of cultures’, ‘protection of indigenous cultural values’, ‘clash of civilizations’ etc., and it considers cultural diversity within… Continue reading “Modern racism”

How to Prevent Hate

In the wake of the right-wing terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, countries across the globe are scrambling to improve surveillance and monitoring of right-wing extremists. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced an immediate review of New Zealand’s security agencies, with 250 police officers investigating why the terrorist was not on any security… Continue reading “How to Prevent Hate”

Can Multiculturalism Triumph in Europe?

Is it possible to achieve a triumph of multiculturalism and social cohesion in democratic societies?  As the popularity and influence of right-wing radicalism grow in Europe, a question has arisen as to whether democracy is actually able to ensure stability and multicultural development. Indeed, how efficient is the democratic struggle against radicalism? After all, democracy… Continue reading “Can Multiculturalism Triumph in Europe?”

Holocaust survivors in Sweden– the ‘straw men’ for the radical right (Part 1)

‘Our adversaries have forced us into an existential fight about the survival of our culture and our nation. There are only two choices: victory or death.’ –Mattias Karlsson of the radical right Swedish Democrats, Facebook comments on the outcome of the Swedish national elections 9 September 2018. Following Sweden’s national elections on 9 September, tensions… Continue reading “Holocaust survivors in Sweden– the ‘straw men’ for the radical right (Part 1)”

Sound an Alarm?

The October 2018 issue of The Atlantic , the venerable American monthly, is titled “Is Democracy Dying?” and contains a series of articles which, by and large, answer this question in the affirmative. Their authors though come to the rescue by suggesting ways the demise of democracy might be prevented.  These accounts of democratic decline… Continue reading “Sound an Alarm?”

Mood Swings: Freedom, Democracy and the Latest Right-Wing Populist Upsurge

Democracy is presently in a recession. Freedom House’s (an independent research institute) annual report for 2018 indicates that for the 10th consecutive year the world’s citizens, taken in the aggregate, are less free (meaning enjoy less political rights and civil liberties) than was true in earlier years. Some countries included in the report as ‘free’… Continue reading “Mood Swings: Freedom, Democracy and the Latest Right-Wing Populist Upsurge”