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Russia Needs a New National Idea

After the collapse of the USSR, Russia, abandoning socialism as a path of development, also abandoned communist ideas, but didn’t replace them with new ideology. With the coming to power of President Vladimir Putin, right-wing organizations in Russia gradually lost their influence. This happened mainly because of the suppression of pro-fascist organizations by force and due… Continue reading “Russia Needs a New National Idea”

Modern racism

Why a compromise in international politics no longer plays on the side of democracy. And it is democracy that is at stake. Modern racism does not operate with the concepts of ‘race’, but with the concepts of ‘incompatibility of cultures’, ‘protection of indigenous cultural values’, ‘clash of civilizations’ etc., and it considers cultural diversity within… Continue reading “Modern racism”

Can Multiculturalism Triumph in Europe?

Is it possible to achieve a triumph of multiculturalism and social cohesion in democratic societies?  As the popularity and influence of right-wing radicalism grows in Europe, a question has arisen as to whether democracy is actually able to ensure stability and multicultural development. Indeed, how efficient is the democratic struggle against radicalism? After all, democracy… Continue reading “Can Multiculturalism Triumph in Europe?”