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Modern racism

Why a compromise in international politics no longer plays on the side of democracy. And it is democracy that is at stake. Modern racism does not operate with the concepts of ‘race’, but with the concepts of ‘incompatibility of cultures’, ‘protection of indigenous cultural values’, ‘clash of civilizations’ etc., and it considers cultural diversity within… Continue reading “Modern racism”

‘The Great Replacement’ – Decoding the Christchurch Terrorist Manifesto

Terrorism as theater in the age of Internet ‘Bühnensucht’ is a German expression denoting an irrational longing to take the stage or as Jenkins put it already in 1974, “terrorism is theater” (Jenkins 1974:7). In the age of online communication and social media, the stage is the same as the Internet and the audience that… Continue reading “‘The Great Replacement’ – Decoding the Christchurch Terrorist Manifesto”

Donald Trump Declares Himself a “Nationalist”

At a political rally on October 22 for the upcoming midterm elections, US President Donald Trump declared himself a “nationalist.” Trump’s nationalism operates through notions of an “authentic,” rooted and morally good nation that is re-enforced in relation to migrants and minorities. Such exclusionary nationalism, also referred to as nativism, is an ideology or discursive… Continue reading “Donald Trump Declares Himself a “Nationalist””